RPG attack on a Skopje coffee shop in Shopping Mall Mavrovka


Yesterday evening’s attack on the Fontana coffee place in the Mavrovka shopping center in downtown Skopje was actually an attack with a rocked propelled grenade launcher – reported police sources.

The attackers fired two grenades at the coffee place at 1:30AM, when it was closed and vacant. Windows in Fontana as well as other near-by stores were smashed from the power of the blast. One of the grenades exploded, while the other was removed by Interior Ministry specialists.

Media outlets speculate that the attack is due to business conflicts the owner had with people from the Skopje underworld. Using a grenade launcher is a new low even for the recent increase in attacks, murders and armed robberies across the country. Police has not resolved a single murder, in many instances aiding in the escape of the suspects (ex: Martin Janushev).

The chance for MoI’s Oliver Spasovski and his police team to conclude that the coffee shop simply ran into an RPG at this time is very high.

  • neutrinoz

    Or cuz the owner is Turk?

  • Golden shekels

    get used to it brothers this is just the beginning, if you dont fight for it wont be yours