Russia, Belarus and Serbia begin joint military exercises


Military training termed “Slavic Brotherhood – 2017” has started off in Belarus.

The exercise is attended by Russia, Belarus and special forces operations from Serbia.

The servicemen of the three countries will practice exercises to address counter-terrorism objectives, says Colonel Alexei Sgibnev.

“This morning, the first stage of the active phase of the maneuvers began – preparation of a multinational battalion tactical group to carry out counter-terrorism tasks in a designated area, overcoming water obstacles” – Sgibnev said.

He also noted that in the second part of the training, a helicopter search-and-assault team exercises will be practiced.

The training takes places between June 6 and 11th, and the second stage between 12 to 14 June.

The exercise involves more than 1,000 military personnel from Russia, Belarus and Serbia. It also involves over 150 units of Russian and Belarussian military technology.