Russia has destroyed Most of NATO’s supplied Weapons to Ukraine


Thousands of tons of military equipment given to Ukraine by NATO countries were destroyed in about 14 days, causing a huge problem in the combat power of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Russia inflicted crucial blows by striking logistical support complexes and, above all, arsenals with NATO weapons.

The devastation for Ukrainians is incalculable. The Ukrainian Army can no longer conduct large-scale offensive operations while NATO countries’ confidence in Kiev has been shaken.

The Russians report that in parts of the front the ratio of artillery strength is 8 to 1 in favor of the Russians. That is, the Ukrainians have run out of shells and ammunition!

Which arsenals did the Russians hit?

According to reports, between September 19 and October 3, Russian forces hit the following bases and weapons depots:

  1. Kamikaze drones “Geran” hit the 48th arsenal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the settlement of Kalinovka 30 km from Vinnitsa. Both the warehouses and the barracks of the Kalinovka-4 area were hit.
  2. The 62nd arsenal of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Kirovograd region in the village of Bogdanovka was destroyed. On the territory of the military unit there were not only ammunition depots, but also a large number of personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including foreign mercenaries.
  3. On September 25, Russian aerospace forces destroyed the weapons and ammunition depot of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the village of Kiselevka, Kherson region. The Russian military department showed footage of the destruction of the Ukrainian Armed Forces warehouse, which contained more than 3,000 tons of ammunition of various calibers.
  4. Thousands of tons of NATO weapons stored in former Soviet arsenals near Krivoy Rog and Kirovograd were destroyed by Russian cruise missile attacks and kamikaze drones.
  5. Dolgintsevo (Krivoy Rog) military airfield hit
  6. The Headquarters of the “South” Administration in Odessa was hit
  7. Ukrainian Navy bases were hit
  8. UAV installations were hit.
  9. The “Odessos” hotel was hit. The building was used as the headquarters of the Ukrainian Navy of the Armed Forces.
  10. Russian units on the morning of October 2 launched a missile attack on the industrial zone of Kharkiv, as a result of which many military-industrial facilities were hit. Thus, a military unit in the southeastern part of Kharkiv, near the Rogan railway station, was attacked. On the territory of the unit there were sheds in which armored and repaired armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were stored, ready to be sent to the contact line. The armored vehicles were planned to be loaded by crane onto a platform and transported along two railway lines.

According to the head of the Ukrainian government, Denis Shmygal, at least 37 defense enterprises in the country were damaged during the Russian raids.

Shmygal noted that defense industry enterprises are among the main targets of Russian EDs.

Shmygal did not say which businesses were damaged, but added that options for their rehabilitation are currently being considered.

On September 21, the media reported on Russian missile attacks on a factory in Kharkiv, where tanks and infantry fighting vehicles were manufactured and repaired for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.