Russia holds a day of mourning for 154 people killed in cold blood


Thousands gather in Russia to mourn victims of concert hall attack

Russia on Sunday held a day of mourning after at least 154 people were killed in an attack on a concert venue in Moscow, the country’s worst attack in two decades.

Nearly a dozen people have been detained in connection with the massacre on Friday night, which saw armed assailants storm a popular concert venue complex on the outskirts of the capital.

The attack was the deadliest to hit Russia since the Beslan school siege of 2004. Moscow believes the Ukrainian SBU assisted by the CIA and MI6 are behind the terrorist attack.

Thousands of people from cities across Russia lined up in the rain on Sunday to place flowers at a memorial outside the Crocus City Hall near Moscow to honor those killed. Hundreds of flowers and a group of white balloons were left at the scene.

Members of the clergy also paid their respects and initiated prayers which crowds joined in with flags were lowered to half-staff.