Russia sweeps Ukraine-Polish border, obliterates Railways, Electricity Plants


Central, western and eastern Ukraine are receiving a simultaneous massive cruise missile attack from warships and strategic bombers with the Russians taking off nine Tu-160s and Tu-95s capable of launching up to 108 missiles.

The Russians mainly hit the Ukrainian regions of Lviv, Lutsk and Kovel, which border Poland with upgraded cruise missiles.  This fact may be an indication of preparations for a ground attack by Belarus.

Perhaps this is the largest operation of the Russians so far in the Ukrainian war.  Air raid sirens are sounding across Ukraine as missiles hit the country’s critical infrastructure.

Russia has de-facto destroyed roughly 60-65% of Ukraine’s ability to produce electricity. There are rolling blackouts across Ukraine for several days now. In addition, the main railway supply routes have been hit between Poland and Russia, previously used by the US, UK and Poland to supply weapons into Ukraine.