Russia warns EU it’s playing with Fire, learned nothing from WWII


Russia just warned the international community that Europe is “playing with fire” — and as usual, we can’t find a single mainstream outlet that reported it.

During a Security Council meeting on Tuesday, Russia’s Deputy UN Ambassador Petr Iliichev called out Brussels for not holding Kiev accountable for its violations of the Minsk agreements.

Iliichev criticized Europe’s “political expediency” which has allowed far-right and neo-Nazi movements to spread in the Baltic States and Ukraine.

Russia’s UN representative ended his remark with a grave warning: Europe is playing with fire — and needs to learn from the past before it’s too late:

The Minsk agreement is the uncontested basis for settling the conflict in the southeast of Ukraine.

Efforts need to focus on fulfilling the political aspects of the agreements: granting the Donbas a special status, amnesty to its residents, cultivation of parties and humanitarian demining. All this is impossible without the development of direct dialogue with Donetsk and Lugansk. Starting the implementation of political aspects can only be implemented by Kiev, and they continue to block this process.

For the time being, Brussels continues to have a contradictory logic on the anti-Russian sanctions, which only contributes to the formation of a sense of impunity and irresponsibility in Ukraine.

Let’s take another example. It is during these days, when the world celebrates the next anniversary of the end of the Second World War, that we would like to recall the principled refusal of the EU to support the draft resolutions of the UN General Assembly on combating the heroism of Nazism, which are being introduced by Russia. It is impossible to ignore the acuteness of the problem of neo-Nazism in countries which Brussels is patronizing, including in the Baltic States and Ukraine. Moreover, it is inadmissible to play with this fire for the sake of political expediency. Europe should have learned this lesson.

Of course, there’s a very good reason why this statement went unreported: In the western media, Ukraine is a unicorn sanctuary that is heroically defending Europe from Putin’s dreams of world domination.