Russia: We’re done negotiating with monkeys and toddlers


Russia is done with the European Union. At last week’s Valdai Discussion Forum Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made this quite clear with this statement.

 Those people in the West who are responsible for foreign policy and do not understand the necessity of mutually respectable conversation–well, we must simply stop for a while communicate with them. Especially since Ursula von der Leyen states that geopolitical partnership with current Russia’s leadership is impossible. If this is the way they want it, so be it. (H/T Andrei Martyanov)

Lavrov’s statements echo a number of statements made in recent months by Russian leadership that there is no opportunity for diplomacy possible with the United States.

We can now add the European Union to that list. Pepe Escobar’s latest piece goes over Lavrov’s comments about the European Union and they are devastating, as devastating as when he and Putin described the U.S. as “Not Agreement Capable” a few years ago.

Lavrov reiterated this with the following comments at Valdai last week.

So Russia is ultimately caught between the U.S. and Europe on all basic issues of trade, politics, and international law.

Adding to Lavrov’s frustration, Andrei Martyanov, as an astute analyst on Russian politics as anyone, is correct when he says (H/T to Pepe Escobar).

You do not negotiate with monkeys, you treat them nicely, you make sure that they are not abused, but you don’t negotiate with them, same as you don’t negotiate with toddlers. They want to have their Navalny as their toy–let them. I call on Russia to start wrapping economic activity up with EU for a long time. They buy Russia’s hydrocarbons and hi-tech, fine. Other than that, any other activity should be dramatically reduced and necessity of the Iron Curtain must not be doubted anymore. 

And the truth is that Russia is dealing with monkeys in the U.S. and toddlers in the EU. And Martanyov’s right that it’s time Putin simply turn their backs on the West and move forward.

Lavrov’s statements at Valdai were momentous. They sent a clear signal that if Europe wants a future relationship with Russia they will have to change how they do business.

The problem is however, that the EU is suffused with arrogance on the eve of the U.S. election, mistakenly thinking Joe Biden will beat Trump.

Merkel has betrayed Putin at every turn since 2013. And Germany’s appalling behavior over the Alexei Navalny poisoning was the last straw.

That what was another sabotage effort to stop the Nordstream 2 pipeline and add grist to Trump’s re-election mill was given even a cursory glance by the highest levels of the German government was insulting enough.

That Merkel allowed her Foreign Minister Heiko Maas to run his mouth on the subject, and then throw the decision to sanction Russia (again) over this to the EU parliament and give it any kind of political play was truly treacherous.

And it proved, yet again, that Merkel’s word is worth less than nothing. She tells Putin one thing and then does the exact opposite. Glenn Deisen writing for RT chalked this up to Germany’s plans for domination. He rightly sees Germany using Russia to get what it wants in Europe.

Germany has taken the lead in advancing “European integration” and therefore prioritizes Eastern European member states that push for a more aggressive stance towards Russia. Economic connectivity with Russia is no longer an instrument for building trust and cooperation in the pan-European space, rather it was intended to strengthen Germany’s position as the center of the EU. Moscow should work with Berlin to construct Nord Stream 2, but not forget why Nord Stream 1 was built while South Stream was blocked.

This is a point I’ve been making for years. Nordstream 2 is a political tool for Germany to reroute gas coming in from Russia which Merkel can use as a political lever over Poland and the Visegrads.

And it is the Poles who have consistently shot themselves in the foot by not reconciling their relationship with Russia, banding together with its Eastern European brothers and securing an independent source of Russian gas. Putin and Gazprom would happily provide it to them, if they would but ask.

But they don’t and instead turn to the U.S. to be their protectors from both Russia and Germany, rather than conduct themselves as a sovereign nation.

That said, I think Mr. Diesen misses the larger point here. It is true Germany under Merkel is looking to expand its control over the EU and set itself up as a superpower for the next century. Putin himself acknowledged that possibility at Valdai. That may be more to dig at the U.S. and warn Europe rather than him actually believing it.

Because under Merkel and the EU Germany is losing its dynamism. And it may even lose control over the EU if it isn’t careful. If you look at the current situation from a German perspective you realize that Germany’s mighty export business is surrounded by hostile foreign powers.

  1. Russia — Merkel cut off the country from Russian markets. Even though some of the trade with Russia has returned since sanctions over Crimea went into place in 2014 she hasn’t fought the U.S.’s hyper-aggressive use of sanctions to improve Germany’s position.
  2. The U.K. — French President Emmanuel Macron looks like he’s engineered a No-Deal Brexit with Boris Johnson which will put up major export barriers for Germany into the U.K. cutting them off from that market.
  3. The U.S. – Trump has all but declared Germany an enemy and when he wins a second term will tighten the screws on Merkel even tighter.
  4. China – They know that the incoming Great Reset, which will have its Jahr Null event in Europe likely next year, is all about consolidating power into Europe and sucking it away from the U.S., a process Trump is dead-set against.

However, don’t think for a second that the Commies that run the EU and the World Economic Forum are teaming up with the Commies in China. Oh no, they have bigger plans than that.

And what’s been pretty clear to me is Europe’s delusions that it can subjugate the world under its rubric, forcing its rules and standards on the rest of us, including China, again allowing the U.S. to act as its proxy while it tries to maintain its standing.

I know what you’re thinking. That sounds completely ludicrous.

And you’re right, it is ludicrous.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. This is clearly the mindset we’re dealing with in The Davos Crowd. They engineered a mostly-fake pandemic to accelerate their plans to remake the world economy by burning it down.

The multi-polar world will see the fading U.S. and U.K. band together while Russia and China continue to stitch together Asia into a coherent economic sphere. Trump is right to pull the U.S. out of Central Asia and has gotten nothing but grief from the U.S. establishment while Europe, through NATO, continues trying to expand to the Russian border, now with openly backing the attempted coup in Belarus.

This was the dominant theme at Valdai and the focus of Putin’s opening remarks.

Putin’s big failing as a leader has been his reluctance to see the EU as his real enemy. He’s been infinitely patient with them trying to pull them away from the U.S.

I don’t blame him, most people don’t see this. Putin had to try everything possible to get Europe to see the future and has now washed his hands of them. Most observers see the flailing of the U.S. empire and the rise of China and miss the real intentions of the EU, quietly pursuing a new empire based on usurping the U.S. and subsuming it into its technocratic Borg Cube.

But the EU is irredeemable in its dealings with Russia and the Navalny incident is simply a bridge too far.

The events of 2020 have laid this groundwork for the EU’s apotheosis. The upcoming Great Reset in 2021 and beyond will solidify this. They are crazy enough to believe they can pull this off, but only if they defeat the American voter who they think they can gaslight and blackmail into submission.

I just don’t think that’s likely. But, make no mistake, in two weeks we’re going to get a look here in the U.S. at what happens to a country that votes against the wishes of our European betters. They’ve reduced us to a bunch of poo-flinging monkeys screaming at each other behind masks sinking into inter-sectional madness.

However, now that Germany, and by extension, the EU have de facto declared their imperial intentions I expect the only thing the U.S., U.K. Russia and China will agree upon is that Europe should be relegated to eating at the kid’s table for the rest of the 21st century