Russian comedians mock Zaev – call him pretending to be NATO’s Stoltenberg


Enjoy this international walking disaster named Zoran Zaev. Russian comics Vovan and Lexus have a field day with Zaev, first making him reveal sensitive security information while introducing themselves as NATO’s Gen Sec Jens Stoltenberg.

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But they weren’t done, in another phone call, the Russian comics introduced themselves as Ukraine’s president Petro Poroshenko, who convince Zaev to pay
Bartholomew I the current Archbishop of Constantinople $100,000 in bribe to recognize Macedonia’s church as independent – “That money is no problem” responds Zaev. They also convince him to give up the cell phones of multiple high ranking diplomats which Zaev does with ease.

“Poroshenko” tells Zaev that present day Ukraine was governed by Alexander the Great, and Ukrainians might be related to Macedonians… Zaev responds that he read the same thing and that history will unite Macedonians and Ukrainians.

Yep, this degenerate is in charge of a country….

  • Car Samoil Ohrid 🇲🇰

    What a fucken clown 🤡

    • Legenda Patriot

      As I have said many times before, he is a half witted moron that is a laughing stock around the world. True embarrassment for Macedonia not fucking North Macedonia . Total fucking oxygen thief! The sooner this retard disappears up his own arsehole, the better we will all be!

  • Smith And Wessen

    Ahahha the brilliant Russains thumbs up in many way👍👍👍👍 zaev u really have no brain you iq must so low. But when the real Stoltenberg spoke all meet zaev didnt zaev bring up the phone zaev would of be stupid to bring it up . Long live Macedonia once again i had a great laugh but so sad that the truth came out how easy for zaev to accpet anything

  • V.M.

    Zajko is beyond retarded… can’t believe this guy is in charge of something…. I can totally see his kids changing their names to “NotZaev” in two years… considering how dumb they are…