Russian Embassy in Macedonia surprised by “Dinge Dinge” Macedonian DM


The Russian Embassy in Skopje reacted on social media to yesterday’s statement by the Minister of Defense Slavjanka Petrovska aka Dinge Dinge, regarding the possible involvement of the Macedonian Army in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, if requested by NATO.

According to the Russian Embassy, this statement of the minister is “surprising”.

We are surprised by the statement of the Macedonian Minister of Defense, Slavjanka Petrovska, regarding the deployment, ie the potential participation of the Macedonian Armed Forces in the potential Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Russia has never threatened the Ukrainian people anywhere and has no intention of taking any aggressive action. In other words, we will not attack, invade or hit Ukraine. As regards the Russian troops – they move through their own territory and have every right to do so. As for Ukraine, Kiev continues to stubbornly evade its obligations under the Minsk Agreements, which include establishing a direct dialogue with Donetsk and Lugansk and including a special status of Donbas in the Constitution. Consistent and full implementation of the 2015 Minsk “Package of Measures” as an alternative solution is a necessary condition for resolving the intra-Ukrainian crisis. We see the risk that Ukraine will become more integrated into NATO, even without gaining formal membeship status in the Alliance. This is what directly affects Russia’s security interests. Achieving a turnaround in this situation is the focus of our attention. This is the basis of our proposals for the provision of strong, legally binding security guarantees by the United States and NATO, reads the statement of the Russian Embassy.

Slavjanka has been running through possible scenarios how Macedonia’s army with its two helicopters would invade Russia, during the day of course since both helicopters don’t work at night. Dinge Dinge’s comments and ‘analysis’ has caused relentless mocking on social media, particularly at a time when Croatia’s president says no soldier of his would be sacrificed for some clown in Washington.