Russian FM: The US Ambassador in Macedonia might as well be the official Prime Minister


Again we’re hearing rumors and allegations aimed at Moscow’s expense of interfering in the internal processes in Macedonia.

What Matthew Palmer said in Skopje, about Russia’s involvement is ridiculous. We would like to remind you that on October 19, the United States and not Russia, using dishonest methods, blackmail, threats and bribery of MPs, pushed the decision to start the procedure for amending the Constitution of Macedonia in the Macedonian Assembly.

The US ambassador in Skopje was present in the Parliament building and managed these processes, Zakharova said, Sputnik reported.

The State Department and the US Ambassador are the facto running Macedonia, while at the same time throwing baseless accusations against Moscow. For the irony to be greater those accusations are being sent by the US diplomats in the Macedonian capital – says Zakharova.

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