Russian ‘Musicians’ Wagner ask Zelensky to pick up their bodies


Russia’s private military group has been quite effective against the Ukrainian army, and are responsible for making breakthroughs at the most dangerous places where Kiev had concentrated thousands of soldiers.

In an eerie video shown below, Wagner has filmed hundreds of killed Ukrainian soldiers as they are being put into coffins, prepared to be sent back to Kiev. The paramilitary group had said often that Kiev’s Government has repeatedly failed to retrieve their killed soldiers, however, out of respect, the Russians are putting them in coffins and sending them to Kiev.

Apparently cokehead Zelensky wasn’t kidding when he said ‘fighting to the last Ukrainian’. Over 18m Ukrainians have fled the country, 275,000 soldiers have been killed with 400,000 injured, it’s hard to believe Ukraine has any soldiers remaining, unless they start mobilizing 15-16 year old kids… which unfortunately, they have… Kiev has not just lots the plot, but its people as well.