Russians continue to advance across Eastern Ukraine


Russian Paratroopers advanced on a wide front of more than 8 km towards Seversk marking the largest advance achieved by Russian Army units so far in the Ukrainian war.

The Russian advance is a consequence of the collapse of the Ukrainian Army: The lack of reserves and manpower combined with the lack of ammunition force the Ukrainians to retreat several km.

Russian VDVs are currently engaged in heavy fighting with forces of the Ukrainian 10th Edelweiss Mountain Fighter Brigade in Rozhdolovka, north of Soledar in the direction of Seversk.

Russian troops continue offensive operations on the sides of Bahmut. Over the past 24 hours, the VDV have scored significant tactical successes north of Bahamut and Soledar.

The Ukrainian side confirms the advance of Russian troops towards Seversk.

In particular, Ukrainian reports emphasize that Russian troops managed to advance to a depth of about 1 km along a 7.65 km wide front with access to the southern “suburbs” of the village of Rozhdolovka.

Some sources state that the VDV entered the settlement, while others deny this.

According to the Russians , “the width of the front, where the attack is progressing successfully, has already exceeded 8 kilometers: from the outskirts of the village of Nikolaevka to the right bank of the Sukhaya Plotva river southeast of Vesely. And the depth is up to 1.5 km.

Russian troops have not advanced along a front longer than 8 kilometers in this direction since last year.”