Saboteur Jess Baily leaving by end of July?


According to unofficial information, the CIA operative and US ambassador in the country is preparing to leave no later than the beginning of July this year. The information is not confirmed by officials, but from well-informed sources who allege that Bailey will end his engagement in Macedonia this summer.

Bailey is considered to be the most controversial “diplomat” who began his mission in Macedonia as a US Ambassador, having been previously deputy ambassador to the United States in Turkey. The media there associated Jess Baily with sabotage and organization of the bloody protests at Taksim square in which several people were killed and hundreds were injured. For this purpose the Turkish Government labeled Baily as persona-non-grata.

In Macedonia, Bailey is associated with significant interference in the country’s internal affairs, providing political and financial assistance to the current government that during his mandate was in opposition, and interference in the work of the Courts through his resident advisers. The US Embassy in Macedonia also had its fingerprints of the Kumanovo terrorist attack in which 8 policemen were killed as well as 4 American and British special ops who aided the terrorists.

In addition, US Congress opened an investigation into the abuse of USAid funds by the US Embassy and Jess Baily in which over 10 million dollars were handed to Soros based NGOs and leftists extremists organization to promote Soros’ liberal values.

The experts say that if Bailey really leaves Macedonia this summer, then the Zaev government should not last much longer afterwards, bearing in mind that all operational guidelines for its functioning are received by the American ‘diplomat’.

  • Legenda Patriot

    Good riddance! Can’t get him out soon enough. Time to get our country back.

  • Steven Arviv

    This corresponds with when they expect all of the “changes” to take place. He know that he would be a dead man after that.