Sad Guatemala caves to US, moves Embassy to Jerusalem


Pretty much the entire planet, in a United Nations General Assembly resolution, slammed the US’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel by moving its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and its accompanying threat to cancel any US foreign aid to those countries who don’t agree with the the move.

Jimmy Morales, the Guatemalan president, announced plans to move the Guatemalan embassy to Jerusalem in solidarity with the move that the United States decided back in December.

At the United Nations, where 128 nations condemned the action, UN Ambassador Nikki Haley threatened any UN member nations that voted in accord with the UN resolution, which was followed up by a threat from the US President himself to cancel foreign aid to those nations, whose names were taken down by Haley. Euronews reports:

Guatemala is the first country to follow the US lead in relocating its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. It’s a controversial move, not just because it runs counter to a non-binding UN resolution, but because the international community has never recognized Israel’s annexation of East Jerusalem.

Guatemala has announced that it will move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem in May. President Jimmy Morales is following the lead of US President Donald Trump, who, back in December, announced plans to relocate his country’s embassy to the city.

“I would like to thank President Trump for leading the way. His courageous decision has encouraged us to do what is right.”

Trump’s stance provoked international condemnation, with 128 countries signing up to a non-binding UN resolution calling for the US to drop its recognition of Jerusalem.
What is all the fuss about?

Israel claims Jerusalem as its capital, and runs its government from the city. However, Palestinians also stake a claim in East Jerusalem, which was annexed by its neighbour and rival after the 1967 war.

Wanting to defuse tensions in the region, the international community has tended to sidestep the issue, often basing their embassies in the financial centre of Tel Aviv instead.

Donald Trump’s decision is widely perceived as an endorsement of Israel’s claims, and is likely to be a significant obstacle to any peace deal between the Israelis and the Palestinians.
Why Guatemala?

The cynics would say that Guatemala’s dependence on US aid lies behind its following of the US lead on Jerusalem. Donald Trump has threatened to cut off aid to countries that supported the UN resolution against it.

However, President Morales said that his decision “strongly evidences Guatemala’s continued support and solidarity with the people of Israel”.

In January a local Guatemalan lawyer, Marco Vinicio Mejia, challenged his President’s decision in the courts. However, the high court’s five magistrates turned down his petition, clearing the way for the move.