Samsonenko with a veiled “F*ck you” to Zaev: I am staying in Macedonia


Russian – Macedonian businessman Sergey Samsonenko, the owner of Macedonian and now European brand FC Vardar after the loss against Zenit announced that he will not leave the three clubs he is investing in at the end of the season, as he previously announced. Instead he will stay on as the owner and will fight as he said “against all injustices”.

Samsonenko, at the press conference stated he rushed the decision to quit the club, adding he made an emotional decision and it was not the right decision.

I made the decision after extensive negative writings and lies placed in some Macedonian media by officials who attacked me personally and my country of origin. To these people, I’d like to say you have neither shame nor a shred of conscience. I see you as state enemies and traitors to our country. The only thing I’ve done for Macedonia is promote the country through sports. I love Macedonia as my own and I am here to stay forever. I ask all Macedonians to support us and together we’ll fight all injustices. I am sure of many successes coming in the near future. – stated Samsonenko.

Samsonenko is currently forced to pay 35,000 euros + tax which adds up to nearly 40,000 euros per European match in order to use-play at Phillip II stadium, built by the previous Government. The new fees came into effect as soon as the SDS leader was installed in power. SDS officials openly state they’d like to get rid of Samsonenko because his trophies and backing of Macedonian clubs are endangering the country! SDS officials are attacking anything and anyone that promotes Macedonian success either at home or abroad.

Meanwhile, football icon Darko Pancev who is the current Sports Director at Vardar has slammed the new fees enforced by Zaev as absurd and ridiculous. “For 40,000 euros per match, we can play our home games at Wembley and they will include food with it” said Pancev.

Meanwhile, another Vardar legend Ilija Najdovski has joined the club as a technical director. It’s brilliant to see all the Vardar icons working for their club again. Janevski is the coach, Pancev and Najdovski directors… this can only bring success.