Scare tactics: Police continues to detain protesters, no probes against MPs


SDS through the DUI-led police continue with scare tactics to deter protesters from showing up on the streets.

Police have continued their efforts to identify individuals who had been involved in the events of April 27 in Parliament and are ‘suspected of committing a crime’.

After analyzing surveillance camera footage, the Skopje Internal Affairs Sector over the weekend had brought in for questioning two men, a 39-year old man from Skopje and a 60-year old man from Tetovo. After being interviewed, the men were released.

Adequate charges are expected to be filed against them,” read a press release on Monday.

It said a 34 year-old man from Skopje on May 13 handed himself into the the police after charges had been brought against him in relation to the Parliament incident. Under a court order, he had been transferred to a jail in Skopje.

In cooperation with the public prosecutor’s office in Skopje, police ¬†are continuing their efforts and activities in connection to the incident in Parliament last month.

To summarize, Macedonian laws exist only for the common citizenry, while politicians are exempt. The public prosecution team led by Marko Zvrlevski has not even hinted that action will be taken against MPs (SDS, DUI, BESA, AA) for the coup, not even against Zaev’s bodyguard who fired two shots in Parliament hall!

  • jj

    Need to have much larger protests against the abuse and intimidation of these patriotic protesters who were only trying to save their country.

  • Goran Stavreski

    Should have set the Parliament on fire. If you’re gonna enter, then really take advantage of that and light it up.