Schizo nation: Dimitrov debates himself whether to run for President


Macedonia’s illegitimate FM Nikola Dimitrov is still contemplating whether to run for president of the country, or in our specific case, pasha of the protectorate.

In an interview with Voice of America, Dimitrov stated he is in a phase where he holds constant debates with himself whether it’s good or not to run for the presidency.

I’ve daily debates with myself about this, but at this moment, we’re puzzled what sort of profile is needed for the presidency. We need to see what this process will bring about – stated Dimitrov.

Debating himself – Dimitrov

To save Dimitrov from debates, MINA finds at the moment Zoran Zaev, the other man debating himself on daily basis is the main contender to represent the SDS and DUI, per Baily’s request. His name will likely be “triumphantly” announced after more countries pass Macedonia’s accession to NATO through their Parliaments. However, despite this, it’s Siljanovska that has grabbed all the attention from both the left, and the right side of the specter.

  • Legenda Patriot

    Fucking retarded moron!

  • Macedonian Forever

    This loser will never get voted President and he knows it. He and his family are just milking it as long as they can and then they will leave with their ill gotten gains forever. I understand his own father cursed anyone whoever changes the name of Macedonia, Well Mr Dimitrov your own father has put a curse on your head. Congratulations!