Schizophrenic Macedonian Govt lies to citizenry: You can travel with your expired passport


Macedonia’s MoI has ran out of identification cards, passports and license and registrations in the middle of the summer when everyone tries to obtain documents, renew their passports for travel etc.

To better deal and manage public anger, Macedonia’s MoI issued a press release picked up by all media that you can travel with your expired passport until the end of this year. Unfortunately, the few remaining intelligent people in Macedonia laughed off the news thinking it was some sort of joke, but it wasn’t.

After that press release, 3 others followed by the Ministry of Interior, confirming the news. With expired passport, you can’t even walk into a Macedonian bank and do business, let alone leave the country. What was the thought process behind such ridiculous announcement, no one can now.

In addition, the MoI has ran out of ID cards and license plates after SDSM&DUI took away the licensing contract from Rade Koncar who has had it for 25 years and gave it to an Albanian who doesn’t have an office nor machines for manufacturing license plates.

Passports will continue to be available for sale to mobsters and drug traffickers, Macedonian citizens can wait.