SDS and Oliver Spasovski behind phantom fake patriotic group “Tvrdokorni”


A phantom group calling itself “Tvrdokorni”, that’s very active only on social media is said to be completely controlled by the new police chief and high ranking SDS official Oliver Spasovski.

The group had already tried to undermine the large protests which took place three-four months ago, and is known to attack various ethnicities using social media.

According to journalist Boban Nonkovic, this phantom group whose main role is to undermine any sort of protest against the current Government is getting uniforms similar to those ANTIFA wears in United States.

Essentially, the SDS is calling their mini army of Soros activists “Tvrdokorni” and is giving them uniforms recently created at the Teteks textile factory.

Stojance Angelov who was on USAid payroll for two years working for the SDS is now involved in “Tvrdokorni”. According to Nonkovic, Zaev’s personal body guards are also members of “Tvrdokorni”, which tells you everything you need to know.

The group is 100% financed and controlled by the SDS which doesn’t make them protesters, but mercenaries. When you’re paid to “protest”, you are a mercenary. The group will present themselves in public as “VMRO veterans”, are even using their logo. In reality, they are all SDS thugs under direct control of Oliver Spasovski and his assistant Magdalena Nestorovska. Most members are unknown to the public which further discredits them.

The group is tasked to scare and intimidate the public into taking to the streets. They will act as “patriots”, whose presence will only lead to violence which will discourage people from gathering and protesting. It’s a page from the American Left and their creation ANTIFA who are inserted into any protest, no matter what the protest is about, but the goal is always the same – violently silence and intimidate the other side.

“Tvrdokorni” as a group is needed for the SDS as they represent a minority, did not win the elections, and are imposing their will on the majority.

  • bugmemore

    Discussed towards the end, a pamphlet/manual for Antifa in America –

  • LXV

    It might be so, but the “evidence” is unconvincing. For the first, if “Tvrdokorni” were truly attempting “to undermine the large protests which took place three-four months ago”, then they would’ve staged their protest marches at the same time as the “Za Zaednichka Makedonija” did, not backing off as soon as the Red-Yellow Movement emerged.
    Second and not least, if “Tvrdokorni” are some kind of mercenaries, then how do you describe the “leadership” of “Za Zaednichka Makedonija”, where 3 out of 4 (Nikola Srbov, Bogdan Ilievski and Vlado Jovanovski; I’m not sure about Boris Damovski) are proven to be members of DPMNE, not to speak of the DPMNE thugs that were extremely selective in expressing their “rage” on the 27th of April.
    As events showed, “4th Ilinden’s” aim was to ostracize Macedonians from any and all decision-making processes through coloring them as senseless nationalist-shauvinist thugs.

  • sardaukar222

    This is ridicilous! Tvrdokorni finally break the silence and started the series of patriotic protests against all political structures that betray macedonian nation with voting antimacedonian laws. This story is in service of apostatical DPMNE political party becuase they fail in defending the interests that Tvrdokorni organisation now defends.