SDS and Soros Activist gets “Colorful Revolution”… literally


A spat on social media turned into a spat in real life, between former high ranking SDS official Ljupcho Palevski and Soros and SDS activist and nutcase extraordinaire Branko Geroski. By the way, for those who don’t know, most SDS news portals are managed by Branko Geroski with money from USAid.

The spat developed fairly seemingly, with Ljupco Palevski mocking Zaev and his criminal junta, while Geroski, of course was defending the SDS leader.
Palevski and Geroski agreed to meet and “fight it out” in downtown Skopje.

Surely enough, both showed up, joined by numerous cameras who filmed their encounter.
Palevski showed up with two plastic cups filled with red and yellow paint and told Geroski:

“Here is your colorful revolution, and it’s with our national colors… You painted our monuments, I’ll paint you”

For those with good memory, Palevski is the one who provided us with photos of US Embassy (CIA) operatives meeting with SDS officials at coffee shops at 11:00pm few days before the elections.