SDS boasts they’ve hired 96 of their activists in Government


As of June 1, the new Government has employed 96 people in all institutions, of whom 32 in ministers’ offices, 26 in the offices of the PM and the ministers without portfolio, as well as PR staff, said Minister of Information Society and Administration Damjan Mancevski at Friday’s press conference.

“The law provides for each minister to have three external advisers and these people were hired through public ads. Procedures have been carried out in compliance with the law, while not all ministers have used this right”, said Mancevski and added it was normal to hire new people to implement a new program.
In reality, every hire is a well known SDS activist who were brought in before any advertising become available for the position.

Meanwhile, Mancevski said more than 300 people have been hired in local self-government units in period June 1-July 25.

“Most of these municipalities are under the control of the largest opposition party”, added Mancevski.

According to him, the previous authorities hired 7,708 people in the period from the scheduling of the 2016 parliamentary elections on October 17 up to the formation of the new government on 31 May of this year, although such employments were not allowed by the Electoral Code and the Przino Agreement.

A functional analysis is being drafted and is expected to be complete by the year-end, providing data over the total number of employees in the public administration, followed by its restructuring.

“In compliance with the recommendations by PM Zaev, a portion of the employees in the public administration will be offered to the real sector as per their needs”, added Mancevski.

He said May data show there are 129,000 public administration employees, but the number is not final because it does not include employees in joint-stock companies owned by the Government, such as Macedonian Power Plants (ELEM), Electricity Transmission System Operator of Macedonia (MEPSO) etc.

“The status of about 1,600 people sitting at home and taking their salaries will also be solved. We will find a solution and a proper place for all. No one will be dismissed due to political affiliation”, underlined Mancevski.