SDS goes mental in opening ceremony of highway built by DPNE


The SDS delayed the new Smokvica – Demir Kapija highway built by the previous administration for one full year, the reason was simple – they had to make it look as if the project had work to be done (it didn’t), and wanted in the end to present it as their own project, under the assumption the entire population is suffering from a memory loss.

In the end, today, one can say the SDS misery was completed when Government officials brought in turbo folk music (inside a tunnel) for the opening ceremony – for a project started and completed by the DPNE.

  • Its Just Me

    thinking of the 10.000km highway Zaev promissed to build hahaha or how long did he say :))))

  • Legenda Patriot

    Total criminal! Wouldn’t trust him for a second. His time is coming!