SDS hires 27 Directors across Macedonia, 0 Macedonians!


The SDS job description was:

Qualifications: None required.
Ethnicity: Cannot be Macedonian

Where are the Macedonian revolutionaries when you need them?

  • Legenda Patriot

    F.ckwit Zajko has to keep kissing Albanian arse. I hope his end is near. Can’t come soon enough.

  • Lena

    For a long time now I have been saying WTF when reading about what is happening in macedonia. Are the macedonian people that fu.king stupid to allow the dumb piece of shite zaev to destroy everything. There is not one brave person, not one hero, not one fighter in the whole country. I have shown more fight when a rude person pushes in front of the line at the shops. Absolutely disgusting.

  • neutrinoz

    Dpney’s so called “reformators” drained most of the Just-In-Time momentum in he-heh-attempt to dethrone dpney’s criminal clique.Sacrificing/suffocating 27’s Naroden up-stand. Unable to do it
    internally they reached for outside criminal clique. And it is easy. Just call yourself “reformator” instead of TRAITOR.

    “Amusing” how they now become aware that water freezes in winter. Sdsy (asterud,najchevska) included. And does not help if you just call it “reformator”. Must be (aleksandark) Cezar’s
    complex. First in Galia last in Makedonija.