SDS journo: If there are early elections, Zaev will need to stuff a lot of ballot boxes


– If there are a snap elections, SDSM must win them, even if it needs to steal the election and stuff all ballot boxes! Zaev has spent so much money and energy to take the power away from VMRO DPMNE, there is no way he will lose an election! That’s why I propose to SDSM not to risk and hold early elections even if the price is losing the presidential elections – stated SDS journalist Branko Geroski.

Rarely do you see a “journalist” on TV advocating for the Government to commit election fraud and ensure they don’t give up their power.

But the “support” for puppet Zaev came long ago from Johannes Hahn who two months ago recommended to the Government not to even consider early elections because they would lose badly! Some honesty from EU’s former casino manager.

  • Tony

    Embarrassing fuckwit

  • Legenda Patriot

    Da mu Se zapusti seto na ovojie svinje, Gospot da mu plati so 1000 krasti da Se unistat ednas za sekogas! So kursumi da Se ruzat pred da psoisat! Gnasni mrdnati svinje!

  • neutrinoz

    Applause to MINA team for charmant pic analogues/opps. A bit racist for sweet monkey but closest plane Gehhhro can reach in his lifetime.