SDS junta illegally passes unconstitutional Language Law


The Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia, without opposition and by breaking Parliament procedures forcefully voted in the Language Law. No one saw the voting, but it doesn’t quite matter because this is an unlawful Parliament.

Xhaferi and DUI carefully selected March 14 as the date the illegal law must be passed because on March 14th 2001 begun the NATO sponsored UCK attack on Tetovo.

Lawmakers from the opposition tried to stop voting in the law and to ask for a procedural address, but UCK’s Talat Xhaferi interrupted the session and left. Shortly after Xhaferi returned and announced the law had passed!

Earlier, when Xhaferi tried to open the session, lawmakers from the opposition called for procedural review, but he ignored them and continued its work after several MPs of VMRO-DPMNE, including former leader Nikola Gruevski, took to the podium.

One can safely say, Macedonia is a circus country, at best, however today, on March 14, marks the day Macedonia stopped being a country.

  • Its Just Me

    If we do not fight this, we approve of this.
    We cannot just “sit & watch TV” we must do something.
    Now or never.
    It is not “Sloboda ili Smrt”..
    It is Macedonia is ours”.
    It is “Sloboda i Pobeda”

  • Its Just Me

    And the way Djaferi stood up in respect of Gruevski “This is the president of VRMO!” yes that is how you show respect. At least Gruevski was LEGALLY ELECTED to do so.
    I sincerely wish Djaferi has the opportunity to be elected, so he knows one day how it feels (and not dream about it..).. But not everybody gets elected. Life is not fair, btu you have to fight fairly.
    Nobody is perfect, not me the least.. And whoever blames Gruevski must note nobody is perfect.. Whoever blames Gruevski must first criticize himself.. Who is perfect. Nobody.
    He has his heart on the right place.. And the heart is not a stone.. Hope that a lot of people saw this today.
    Also note that EU was against this law. Lets see how this develops.. Certainly EU will not allow for further separations (not with Catalonia, Italy..) hahaha the least with our country.. 🙂 Certainly 🙂 they wanted the Balkans to get along and jointly enter EU. And not enter a war or separations.. EU is against this…
    I am sure the EU will raise EU flag against this hahaha no way this goes like this.. 🙂

  • Legenda Patriot

    This circus routine is an insult to all intelligent people and must be wiped out. Our country has been over run by criminals who have no regard for the law. It is time now to show we will not tolerate such belligerent arrogance. Disgusting scum!