SDS junta lies, recalls Macedonian ambassador to US


Macedonia’s Ambassador to the US, Vasko Naumovski will be summoned home for consultations over his alleged failure to attend meetings to which he wasn’t invited by SDS Defense minister Radmila Sekerinska.

Sekerinska lied on national TV that ambassador Naumovski refused to attend her meetings while on a visit to the US. However in an official document obtained by Alfa TV, it is clear that the ambassador was not on the official list of attendees, therefore couldn’t attend. It’s also the norm for the defense minister to be accompanied by the country’s military attache, and not the ambassador.

The SDS has targeted Vasko Naumovski for removal for months now because he is not from the SDS ranks, however needed to come up with an excuse to “recall” him. Shekerinska’s lies were the perfect excuse for such a move.

  • Its Just Me

    to be fair, US should probably recall their own