SDS junta sets fire to villa owned by Prilep’s DPNE official


So this is what happens when the police is under SDS control?

Last night around 22.30 pm the official residence of DPNE’s OK President in Prilep was burned to the ground. Petar Risteski villa was located in the area Kula near the village of Volkovo. Risteski said he had no threats, no enemies, but he is certain that the fire was set due to his political colors, Sitel reports.

“I have no enemies, nobody threatened me, I can not point my finger at anyone, the only thing that comes to mind at this point is that it is politically motivated. Argument plus is that on two previous occasions my house was the target of attacks by SDS activists. The moments when SDS announced that it formed a government, in the evening my house was attacked by SDS hooligans. The same thing happened in the evening after the local elections on October 15, my house was once again attacked by SDS activists.

My villa was newly built, there was no electricity or any electric appliances in it, so clearly the fire was set on purpose,” says Petar Risteski, president of OK DPNE in Prilep.

  • Its Just Me

    How close are we to a war.. if it starts like this..

  • Goran Stavreski

    There will be no war, the DPNE are cowards… they constantly apologize they are not behind any protest that goes around the country.
    Politicians who meet with US Ambassadors are by default traitors… as their only goal is to serve them.