SDS junta to put Macedonia 854m euros in debt


To ensure Macedonia is blackmailed by Western banks for years to come by imposing all sorts of austerity measures (see Greece), the SDS junta will borrow 854m euros, with no plans for any capital projects in the process. Macedonia has no need for such credit, yet the SDS did it anyways.

This will make Macedonia from one of the least indebted country in Europe, to one of the most, considering its GDP has shrunk a whopping 3% since the Zaev led junta was put in power.

The Government has announced a budget of 3.4 billion euros, the largest ever, however there are no details for the massive budget increase and Finance Minister Tevdovski has already stated there are no plans for capital projects. The Government has also stopped the construction of a state of the art Clinic in Ohrid, started by the previous Government.

The SDS has also removed over 24m euros in subsidies given out to farmers each year, without giving details what it intends to do with the money.

  • Common Sense

    Aaaaw Come on STFU! yeah i don’t like em too, and taking credits from such “western banks” isn’t good either. But when the DPMNE used to take 18b Credit from the same crooked organizations you couldn’t praise them enough. What is it now? good or bad to take credit? If there’s one thing i can’t stand more than corrupted politicians, then it has to be inconsistent minds. Murder is murder, theft is theft and taking a credit is taking a credit, wether i like you or not.

    • V.M.

      Demented monkey, the first thing Gruevski did was kick out the IMF out of Macedonia. We paid of IMF credit, for 10 years we were the least indebted country in Europe, this is a FACT.

      Take your SDS hat elsewhere.

      • Common Sense

        omg -.- where to begin…

        1. it seems that you are not capable of reading someones comment attentively, so you missed, that i don’t like em too.
        2. our debt has never been high, even before gruevski.
        3. your behaviour is exactly the reason why our country does not work. because of some goddamn morons such as you, not only not willing to accept other people’s oppinions but in no mean able to debate constructively. This behaviour, my dear primitive compatriot is the reason, we have been in a crisis the past 3 or more years.
        4. it has never been about the citisens for neither of our main parties. it has always been about, who’s going to grab more money out of that tax pot. don’t try to teach me otherwhise.

        ps. your dead to me.

  • Billy

    First of all, Gruevski’s biggest sin was building highways with Chinese credit. American c*nts were unhappy since they wanted to build our highways for $1.2B, while Gruevski built them for $500m and put 150m down for 2.1% credit. It’s three times less than what the US wanted to get.
    To the moron who calls himself “Common Sense”, you have 0 of it. DPMNE was getting credits for MAJOR CAPITAL PROJECTS, SDS junta gets massive credits for NOTHING.

    • Common Sense

      ah yeah projects? like what? unauthentifying our capital with way too many statues? or projects such as undustrial zones for foreign companies, which exploit our people, by getting tax refunds for “loss”, while they pay workers for 150 euros a month.

      yeah! you totally convinced me to have your belief, by offending me.

      just ask yourself, which major problem of your relatives in macedonia has been solved by any party or politician in macedonia?
      People are still poor, our farms are empty, hospitals look the same as in kongo (no joke, go visit the hospital of novos selo), kids still go half days to school, even tho we would have enough studied people to teach them full day.

      I don’t know if you live in macedonia, or if you ever been trough whole ex yugoslavia the past 20 years. our contry used to look the best right after slovenia after all the wars. now it looks the worst.

      and no, its not because we are victims of albanians or americans or what ever the hell you imagine. it’s because of such behaviour i whitness in here. be honest to your self, and you will see that i’m not all that wrong.

      For my part, as long as you all continue to offend each other, to see yourselves as victims, and be straight ignorant towards other people’s oppinions, as long i am and will be done with macedonia.

      have a good one.

  • R_U_Jhoking

    Common sense. That must be a joke handle, am I right?