SDS Junta treating Kosovo terrorists in jail with Buffet, Internet Connection, Phones…


Macedonian patriots are terrorized in jail by Macedonian police (for waving a Macedonian flag and singing the national anthem in Parliament).

In the same jail, Kosovo terrorists who killed 8 Macedonian policemen in Kumanovo are treated daily with Food deliveries from professional restaurants, have internet connection and phones available at all times…

There is a deafening silence among the opposition for Yane Chento. The irony is, Chento is the very definition of VMRO’s traits and ideology, while the party that unfortunately carries the same name have completely sold him out.

  • Tony

    I hope they put Pig in there food, fucken Rats

    The day will come when all these politicians are on there knees begging for Mercy these sons of bitches. ALL OF THEM WILL BE PUT BEFORE THE PEOPLE!!!

    • Legenda Patriot

      It can’t happen soon enough. I want to see that happen now! Stinking pieces of shit!

  • V.M.

    They have to give them restaurant food, those terrorists are US&SDSM assets. Both were involved …

  • Lena

    And where the is vmro to help jane chento. F’n dogs that they are, they keep quiet. I sent vmro and mickoski facebook posts telling them what i thought of them. The truth must of hurt them as they deleted my posts and blocked me. The vmro dogs are laying in the same bed as the zaev sdsm dogs.

    • V.M.

      They are all and the same criminals. It’s why DPNE 11 years failed to arrest Crvenkovski, Sekerinska, Zaev etc etc…

  • neutrinoz

    That is where she-zuckerberger’s tender pistachios go.