SDS learns from their bosses, sets Kumanovo State building on Fire


Concerned SDS may lose the mayoral race for Kumanovo, with five days left before the elections, the Kumanovo State Buildings, in particularly the wing housing all the financial details for the city was engulfed in flames.

The definition of this, initially perfected by the US Government is called “evidence destruction”.

The Pentagon announced they cannot account for a Trillion dollars, back in September of 2001. Literally the following day, a false flag, initially reported as a “terrorist attack” unfolded. The Pentagon wing that housed all the financial data of those trillion dollars that went missing into thin air was struck by an RQ4 Global Hawk drone packed with explosives. Albeit hilariously, another building in NYC (Building 7) untouched by anything collapsed in a controlled demolition. Building 7 housed financial data for the SEC and Wall Street, FBI, CIA and NSA which according to sources in the conservative outlet Washington Times could put the entire US Government several hundred years behind bars. All of that evidence was destroyed.

Not surprisingly, the SDS do learn from their bosses in Washington. Kumanovo, still controlled by the Baily’s puppets ensured no financial data for the city exists. Millions of euros given in shady contracts… all of this is now gone. Kumanovo continues to have by far the worst infrastructure in the country. Crumbling roads, bridges, terrible sewage and water supply has been a trademark for the city for 20 years. This entire time, the city has been in the hands of the SDS.
This evening, the state building that houses all the financial data for the city was engulfed in flames. No firemen spotted anywhere for over an hour. You know how it is with Kumanovo traffic, there are over 30 cars on the roads and firemen couldn’t make it in time.

The fear is that a member of the Daycare party (DPMNE) could become the new mayor in Kumanovo which means access to the financial data of the city. This would be unacceptable for the SDS criminals.
The good news is that SDS doesn’t have many mayors, particularly in larger towns, otherwise there would be more fires.

  • V.M.

    It’s the only way to “legally” destroy evidence… burn it and make it look like an accident.