SDS mayors remove Macedonian flags, insignia across country


The flag poles fluttering Macedonian flags across the country have been deliberately removed for several moths now,  and new ones have not been put despite repeated request by residents.

The SDS mayors go as far as to cover the Macedonian symbols of state institutions and public places in white color, as was the most recent case in Lozovo.

What awaits the country when SDS fixes the presidential elections next year?

  • Tony

    We already know it’s going to be fixed.

  • Legenda Patriot

    When will the people rise up and start exterminating these scum bags? Get rid of them NOW! What more reasons do we need? I am sure this would happen in Albania, Bulgaria or Greece .

  • Its Just Me

    All the foreign support for SDS will cease, its just a matter of time..
    EU is not that strong.. Eu does not want us in there, and as US and EU go further and further apart and EUs power declines.. it will be up to us to fight again on the Balkan… as always..
    Did Europe ever help us… all the wars the last century.. no, and they did not want us in when we were economically prosperous (few years back, even with LEGITIMATE ACCORD SIGNED WITH GREECE) which led to political problems in the Balkan due to the stalling so EU in fact led us to this demise now..
    Its like a cheap Spanish soap, please…

  • Its Just Me

    Biljana platno belese… ili bese naseto zname iskapeno vo krv na izgrejsonce?