SDS MP in conflict with color ‘revolutionary’ over money owed for protesting



SDS MP and one of the more flamboyant gay MPs in Parliament Pavle Bogoevski entered into a conflict with Ismail Malikji over money owed for taking part in the USAid financed protests against VMRO-DPMNE last year.

The meeting took place at the colored revolutionaries HQ “Izlet”. Both were not discrete during their arguments in which Malikji accused MP Bogoevski of owing money for taking part in the protests. People present at the meeting took to social media. Malikji threatened Bogoevski with ‘switching teams’ and walking into VMRO-DPMNE and telling them of all the illegal activities.


Last year we reported the leaders of the protests were paid up to 10,000 euros per protest, while the most active hooligans who painted monuments were given between 50-150 euros. Once they heard of the huge discrepancies in payments, some refused to show up, while others demanded more.

We’ll see how the SDS will deal with Malikji. Whether he will get compensated for his ‘work’ in the protests, or will he end up as another Governmental advisor to Zaev.