SDS official in Switzerland kills wife


Swiss Media has identified Goran Mihajlov (54), an SDS delegate and Zaev’s close friend as the man behind the murder of his wife in the Swiss city of Lucarno.

A witness reported hearing at least five shots, then after a short pause, few other shots echoed from the central park in Lucarno, where the murder took place.

The witness reportedly ran to see what has happened and found two bodies laying on the ground. Mihajlov shot himself, however somehow survived the suicide attempt.

The SDS delegate shot his wife after being suspicious that she was cheating on him.

  • jj

    Zaev’s friends are unstable and dangerous just like he is.

    • V.M.

      Well of course. You’d have to be fairly unstable to be contracted by the CIA and MI6, plus Zaev has no ties to the Macedonian identity, I don’t think his roots are Macedonian.
      Frankly, I am surprised Zaev hasn’t adopted the ISIS flag as our new flag, it depends who paid him and what’s the choice of the highest bidder, that will be the new flag.

      • R_U_Jhoking

        It’s VMRO fault. Because they refuse to give him public tax money to sit around and do nothing. At least, that is the logic of SDS members.