SDS official who allowed US Ambassador into State Election Office groomed for Judge


Former SDS head of the State Electoral Commission Aleksandar Cicakovski, who has dozens of scandals tied to election fraud behind his name, is being groomed for a seat on the Administrative Court. According to Dosie.Mk Cicakovski has the support of Justice Minister Renata Deskovska and is her personal choice for the seat.

An ad for a seat on the Administrative Court was published, but the link to it has suspiciously gone missing, possibly to discourage competing nominations. Two seats are open, one for an ethnic Macedonian and the other for an ethnic Albanian, but the Macedonian one is exceptionally difficult to find online.

Cicakovski led the State Electoral Commission during the hard fought revote of the controversial 2016 early general elections, which his party eventually lost, but managed to form the Government anyway due to pressure exerted on the ethnic Albanian parties.

Cicakovski became embroiled and dragged the SEC into multiple scandals:

  • On the day of the election vote count Cicakovski admitted the US Ambassador Jess Baily was at the SEC. Why would a US Ambassador be present at the SEC HQ as the results are coming in?!?
  • Cicakovski disappeared from the SEC for 8 hours only to reappear later claiming he went to take a nap (election results were delayed/tweaked for 8 hours).
  • Gave himself and others at the SEC illegal bonuses for a job well done!
  • Allowed USAid(CIA) control over Macedonia’s SEC software allegedly to upgrade the system thus giving a foreign power control over the election results.

Should Cicakovski does become an Administrative Judge, and all evidence suggests he will, all future complaints of election fraud would be sent to judge Aleksandar Cicakovski, the man already involved in and having committed massive election fraud. The irony…