SDS officials: 3pm is our cutoff, stuff ballot boxes after to achieve turnout


A whistle-blower from Stevo Pendarovski’s team has sent out txt messages between SDS officials where their plan for ballot stuffing is laid out should voter turnout be low by 3pm on May 5th.

The conversations are between two SDS officials in Skopje and Bitola. The first text came from Skopje, geo-located near the state hospital, that the order has been given should voter turnout be low by 3pm, ballot stuffing must commence (this actually occurred during the first vote, thus we don’t see how would this be surprising!?). In fact, this scenario is expected not just by SDS, but DPNE as well.

In the second text between two SDS officials in Bitola, says that the ballot stuffing should begin at 10am, to ensure success and that such order was given at the top, adding not to worry of any prosecution. According to geo-mapping, the two SDS officials phones were in Lavci and Bukovo, Bitola during their communication exchange.

And in case anyone is wondering why top officials in DPNE are silent and had no comment on the ballot stuffing during the first round, this may have something to do with it: They are not just bought, but are also blackmailed…