SDS operatives who became DPMNE members, now SDS mayoral candidates


Since 2010 MINA publicly wrote and warned DPMNE that numerous SDS operatives were being inserted into DPMNE to undermine the party from within, however at the time DPMNE saw this as just another sign of their popularity.

Some of these operatives (Nikola Poposki is just one of them) have even been elected in DPMNE’s Central Committee, while others at local level are being now promoted as SDS mayoral candidates even though they currently hold DPMNE memberships.

One such case is Zivko Gosharevski, who is a DPMNE member (on paper), but was just promoted as a SDS mayoral candidate for Resen.

There are dozens more like Zivko Gosharevski. DPMNE will be busy crossing out members on their list, at least those who are publicly running for office now representing the SDS, the rest will simply surface when needed to sign treasonous agreements.