SDS passes language law, all uniforms, currency now bilingual


SDS this evening passed legislation that will make currency and official uniforms (police, fire, medics, army) bilingual in the Macedonian capital and municipalities where albanians are over 20% of the population as per the 2002 census.

Currency, postage stamps will also be changed and will no longer be only Macedonian, but will contain events and dates important to Albania.

The language law had to be passed while the US Army is still roaming through Macedonia (will leave on August 8th). Everything is well organized by Prime Minister Baily – including the date of the passing of the language dagger to coincide with the 25th anniversary of Russia’s recognition of Macedonia (August 4th, 1992). Baily essentially b*tch slapped both Macedonia and Russia at the same time.

Will Macedonia’s zombie-like population rise up to put an end to this criminal anti-constitutional nonsense? Don’t hold your breath.

Congratulations on federalization.


  • V.M.

    My hat off to Baily. He’s got the whole country in his pocket. Nicely done, indeed!

  • Goran Stavreski

    I thought Zaev signed a document he would not implement the tirana platform?
    Don’t worry, watch now Ivanov do nothing and go in hiding….
    As for August 4th, the date Baily picked is of course no accident. Satan’s offspring doesn’t work accidentally.

    Next up is for Gruevski to be jailed and for Macedonia to be renamed, likely within few weeks. Mirka predicted this two years ago.

  • R_U_Jhoking

    Sleep my sheeple Sleep well. Soon you will wake up as foreigners with no country.

  • Its Just Me

    Why does not nobody protest? It cannot get worse than this… Nobody can stop 2 Mio people on the streets, they cannot jail 2 Mio people. Why does not our army takeover and bring Zaev/Zaebav down?

  • Its Just Me

    Did voters for SDS vote exactly for this? They realize they were lied to and are hiding like rats?This is the socially destructive society, socijalno-desruktivna stranka, socijalno destruktiven sojuz.

    See, Zae(ba)v says, only progressive countries have multi languages. Yes, tell me one example? Macedonia?

    You certainly do not have this in Germany (only German language, despite millions of Turks), The Netherlands – only Dutch, despite millions of Moroccans (16% of the total population), USA – only English, despite lots of Spanish people. How about the progressive Bulgaria (who “we” look up to according to Zae(ba)v – Bulgarian is official, despite lots of Macedonian and Turkish people.

    • jj

      Yes, it is done to keep a country weak, burdened and the ground warmed for separatist movements and harassment.
      These large meddling countries believe in: “Do unto the target countries what we don’t want for our own.”

      Furthermore, the 2002 census was full of fraud and then was manipulated on top of that.

    • Albobalboa

      USA doesn’t have an official language. English is mostly used due to it being the most widely understood, but spanish is becoming more and more common.

      Nice try though, Makedonski

  • jj

    Macedonians need to protest their traitors.

    “will contain events and dates important to Albania”

    So not even events and dates of the Albanians in Macedonia, but Albania itself – as if parts of Macedonia are now Albania too.

  • Its Just Me

    We should just protest, that is just a matter of time, but it will happen.
    USA Is certainly not so strong as it used to be, Bailys days are counted

  • R_U_Jhoking

    He needs to do one more thing to end his government. The Macedonian blood is boiling and as soon as he touches the name it will explode and will end him.

  • Albobalboa

    This site removed my earlier comment. Censorship helps no one.