SDS paying 15,000 euros to activists to support bringing muslim migrants to Aerodrom


One of the largest Skopje suburbs, Aerodrom, which encompasses the suburbs of Lisice, Novo Lisice and Aerodrom has been targeted by the SDS for bringing in migrants. Aerodrom has around 100,000 people, out of which 100% are ethnic Macedonians.

This fact is the main reason why SDS wants to bring in muslim migrants to Aerodrom – create a diverse population, where new languages/religion will be introduced, but most of all, following their proven tactics of 1994, SDS sees the muslim migrants as “new voters” for their party that will keep them in power.

In 1994, the SDS structures led by Kiro Gligorov issued over 100,000 citizenships to Albanians from Kosovo, increasing the Macedonian population by 14% at the time. During the NATO orchestrated conflict, another 300,000 Kosovo refugees entered Macedonia, out of which over 50,000 are said to have received citizenships during SDS reign from 2002-2006.

To make the new Swiss-like language law “work”, the SDS has targeted cities and counties, along the likes of Aerodrom who are 100% comprised of ethnic Macedonians. This disastrous tactic is nothing new, it’s already employed by American and European fascists. Deep State’s favorite vassal, frau Merkel has already destroyed dozens of small (conservative) German cities who did not vote for her party during the last several elections. Towns of 20,000 people received over 10,000 muslim migrants.

The Americans did and continue to do the same thing. The “progressives” are bringing in around 50,000-100,000 muslim migrants each year, and they areĀ  strategically sent to well known conservative towns who always vote “Republican”. For instance, over the past 6 years, over 250,000 refugees out of the middle east were sent to towns in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana, states who always vote Republican. It is not surprising then that the Republican vs Democrat gap is being lowered every year in these states thanks mostly to these “strategic arrivals”.

Back to Aerodrom. It’s precisely the same fascist strategy. These lunatics work by the same template both at home and abroad. Homogeneous society, like the one in Aerodrom is unacceptable to them because they cannot manipulate the area, a minority of some kind is always needed (religious, lgbtqz, ethnic…). If there isn’t a minority, then you import one.

To push for their case in Aerodrom, the local SDS office has handed out 15,000 euros to their activists to “convince” people how great is to welcome over 10,000 muslims who don’t speak Macedonian, have nothing to do with our culture and if judging by Sweden and Germany will make life for the locals a living hell.

However, the SDS activities in Aerodrom are not going well, despite dishing out money, they are unable to attract more than 10-15 people for their “pro-immigrant” meetings.