SDS proposes Spasovski for interim PM


SDS’s Central and Executive Boards decided at separate sessions Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski to be interim prime minister in the interim government from January 3, 2020 until the formation of the new government after the April elections.

Minister of Labor and Social Policy Mila Carovska will be deputy prime minister for economic affairs, replacing Koco Angjusev.

The election of interim prime minister was officially announced by the president of SDSM and outgoing prime minister, Zoran Zaev, after the session of the CB, which was preceded by a session of the party’s Executive Board.

Two additional deputy ministers in the interim government – Slavjanka Petrovska in the Ministry of Interior and Sanela Skrijelj – in the Labor and Social Policy Ministry were also elected.

Zaev said the decisions on the four staffing decisions were unanimous at the sessions of the two party boards.

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