SDS puts Macedonia in debt 60m euros with one month in charge


VMRO-DPMNE said that the SDS led Government issued debt worth about 60 million EUR in a little over a month since it’s been in office.

“For each and every one of the past 37 days, the SDS led Government indebted the citizens by 1,6 million EUR, on average. And the result of this is one big zero. We saw no investments, only destruction and blockades as a result of their work. If this pace continues, in a year the Zoran Zaev Government will put the country in debt of 720 million EUR”, said VMRO-DPMNE member of Parliament Dragan Cuklev.

Cuklev said that SDS, which VMRO-DPMNE and the rest of the country refers to as SDS, is acting contrary to its pledges before the elections. “They still haven’t increased the minimum wage to Zaev’s promised 16.000 denars, or increased the average wage to 30.000 denars. Doctors are yet to receive the promised 100.000 denars per month and not a single kilometer of the promised 500 kilometers of new highways has been laid”, added Cuklev.

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