SDS run State Electoral Commission removes 11,000 VMRO-DPMNE voters from registry


The Macedonian State Electoral Commission (DIK) last night removed 11,000 voters from the official register without an explanation. According to the opposition, this is a clear signal for fabricating the upcoming elections as all 11,000 individuals are ethnic Macedonians and VMRO-DPMNE voters from towns which heavily favor the VMRO-DPMNE. The plan is without these voters, the SDS assisted by albanian votes to make the mayoral race much closer than anticipated.

Macedonia already witnessed massive fabircation of the December 11th national elections in which over 30,000 votes for the VMRO-DPMNE were nullified by the SDS run electoral commission, not to mention the massive bribery scheme which targeted the vulnerable population in the country, all of it sponsored by the US Embassy.

For the upcoming local elections, the bribery scheme is very much into play, however now it will be further enhanced by the SDS run police who will first allow the stuffing of ballot boxes, will tolerate intimidation of voters by SDS activists at the same time creating a distraction for the TV cameras by going after VMRO-DPMNE activists.

The VMRO-DPMNE gave the state electoral commission under SDS control simply because they felt it was prudent and noble of them to give the control of votes to the opposition. The SDS did not feel such nobility themselves and even though they are no in charge of the Government and police, they also control the state electoral commission which makes it incredibly easy for them to manipulate election numbers.

Hence, the SDS has simply started to erase voters from the registry where they felt “needed some help” to win.

The Government is very concerned they’ve lost a lot of voters after they signed the treasonous agreement with Bulgaria, have essentially removed the border with Kosovo and Albania (per the Tirana platform) and are on path to change the name.

The only way to gain voters now is to import muslim refugees which is the plan, but before that can heppen they have opted for a simple solution – erase VMRO-DPMNE voters from the SEC registry.