SDS traitors received 40,000 euros each to vote for language law


From sources within the SDS, MINA finds each MP has been paid 40,000 euros to vote for the unconstitutional and illegal language law. Considering SDS traitors issued statements that “it was worth it”, now at least we can put a number to what they meant. Where did they get the money (Albanian mafia, Govt funds… at this time it doesn’t matter).

Perhaps unexpectedly, not all Government coalition MPs cast their vote for the law. One of them is Ivana Tufegdzich, who is a well known Soros confidant, prominent member of the “colored revolution”. She is an interesting case, because her father is Vladimir Tufegdzich, a well known judge who might have given her a hint that…one day… all of these traitors may be facing jail time (though not likely if the VRO DPNE cowards are back in power).

To traitors, and there are plenty, it’s hard to say no to 4,000 euros, let alone 40,000.

Meanwhile, SDS has started importing albanians from Kosovo and employing them in the administration as there aren’t enough albanians in Macedonia to justify the language law.

Macedonians, on their end are taking matters in their hands. While the bought clowns at DPNE are vowing mass protests in May after they were hiding for three months during the Spring protests when over 200,000 people took to the streets, citizens are already self organizing and not waiting on the fake patriots at the DPNE.

Posted by Nikola Malenko on Saturday, March 17, 2018

This evening, the SDS traitor from Sopishte had his home surrounded by his neighbors. The situation was tense, so the SDS brought in at least three dozen policemen, and even the Army was called in!? Is the SDS running out of police to guard all the traitors? Do these traitors think they will have dozens of policemen protecting them for the rest of their lives?

Meanwhile, terrorist Ali Ahmeti has threatened Ivanov that the language law must become law with or without his signature. In Macedonia, currently it’s the law of the jungle and everyone is letting it happen.

Глупости невидени…

Глупости невидени…

Posted by on Saturday, March 17, 2018

  • Legenda Patriot

    Clean out the scum. These criminals only respond to force. The normal conventions and respect for proper judicial systems means nothing. Round them up and start cleaning our country.

  • Goran Stavreski

    As I’ve said before, I’ll say it again, there is no way you can remove this lunatics from power with protests, they only respond to force and will leave only if forced to leave. That’s it.

    • Tedi

      If this was in Albania, the PM will be wiped off and most likely his family because thats how they work.

    • Dj Gnu

      Then the macedonians need to start funding money for a hitman willing to take all their heads.

  • Dj Gnu

    The macedonians actually deserve the whole situation that is happening in Macedonia. No matter how you turn it around, the macedonians voted, let their vote be bought for a piece of bread and so on. All the politicians are corrupt to the core and still the people cannot do what many other people have done in their countries for centuries, namely take the country back from the politicians. Running to Eu and Nato like bitches will be the end of Macedonia, then the rape of the country will begin and the people will still talk politics over a cup of coffee and lament while being completely passive while their country dissapears. Macedonians are simply too lazy and to stupid to save their country and themselves and will vanish from history.

  • Tedi

    When you have politicians from Prilep who have never even seen an Albanian in their city voting in for the Albanian language law, then you know that money has been dispensed. Macedonians should really wake up abroad and start a fundraising to bribe politicians in Macedonia to save Macedonia because frankly, they would sell their soul for a euro and the Albanians know this. All their drug and human trafficking money is paying for the Macedonians to sell thier souls.

  • Its Just Me

    Pocelo je pocelo

  • LXV

    Protests solve nothing. Burn down the traitors’ houses and businesses, that way they might understand what it means to be left without a place to call “home”.