SDS: We’re still negotiating forming a new Government


In a press release, SDSM this morning again insisted that they are holding “serious talks to form a stable parliamentary majority that will endure for four years”.

Last week the party said that it has reached agreement on the principles of a coalition with DUI, which would put them just at the 61 threshold for forming a Government, but shortly after SDSM leader Zoran Zaev insisted that a coalition is not yet agreed.

After the Parliament was constituted, President Stevo Pendarovski (SDSM) has until August 14 to give the mandate to a candidate, who would then have 20 days to form an actual coalition and present it before the Parliament for approval. The Parliament after the worst fraudulent elections on record, is evenly split between SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE – both left without a clear shot at forming a Government, and a number of ethnic Albanian parties.

The new parliamentary majority will provide a stable Government that will move quickly on the European path. A Government dedicated to the economy, justice and the fight against Covid-19, that will open the EU accession talks and will introduce European standards and a better life, SDSM insisted this morning.