SDS&DUI doctors with bought diplomas = 3 newborns dead at Skopje Clinic


The Gynecology Clinic informed on Wednesday that a triplet of babies have died after a C-section delivery on Monday. The mother was admitted to the hospital with sharp abdominal pains and a burst amniotic sac.

Doctors opted for C-section delivery, even though the mother was in the 27th week of pregnancy, in order to prevent the cut of oxygen supply to the babies. Re-animation was attempted to all three babies, who were admitted for intensive neonatal care, but died on the following day.

Health Ministry informed that it has a committee to examine the case in detail and to see whether the mother and the babies were handled according to protocol. A similar committee was formed by the State Sanitary and Health inspection.

Macedonia’s Health Minister Arben Taravari who is in Amsterdam for 22 days has not issued a statement. Taravari has replaced over 50 doctors at State Clinics with questionable doctors who have received their diplomas in Tirana and Prishtina, where it’s said you can purchase one for 8,000 euros.

  • jj

    “Macedonia’s Health Minister Arben Taravari who is in Amsterdam for 22 days”

    What’s he doing there – overseeing his drug traffickers?

  • The corruption in Republic Of Macedonia is sadly killing our country slowly, eating it away like Cancer.