SDSM activists already going house to house, giving cash, pens, lighters


Here you go, 500 denars, a pen and a lighter (presumably so they can set themselves on fire). These are the greetings SDSM activists open with as they visit your home, or even better meet you on the street.

Contrary to all legal norms, SDS activists have already started bribing Macedonian citizens to go out and vote in the referendum, namely, the same thing was done quite openly during the previous elections which was also not sanctioned. Their goal is to start with the poorest population first where the starting offer is only 500 denars ($10) and as they work their way up to the middle class, the bribes will go up to ($300+) per family.

The bribery funds are provided by US Taxpayers – USAid gave $23m to the SDSM on September 6th, funds to be allocated for “activities” for the Referendum.

Where are Macedonian Courts to sanction this? Don’t hold your breath.