SDSM amoeba Kostadin Kostadinov: We expect everyone to be very proud


Not a day goes by without the SDSM uttering some insanity that no one can explain. Whether is statements by Ahmeti’s schizophrenic buddy Zoran Zaev …

Or the complete imbecile and Economy Minister Dragan Tevdovski who doesn’t know the difference between net vs gross and assured the public Macedonia’s economy will immediately prosper, but not under the current name, North is where the economic gain is! Tevdovski (and this isn’t a joke) went to Prilep, visited some apple orchards and told owners their apples would be bigger and redder because there would be better air quality, but this was possible only if the country changed the name. Is Tevdovski vaccinated with expired vaccines?!

Today, same story, SDSM spokesman creature and recently developed amoeba Kostadin Kostadinov became well known after stating on TV “people needed money, not identity or history”. And if in the past people had history and identity but little money, thanks to the SDSM now they will have no history, no identity and certainly no money.

Што ќе ни е идентитет?

Кога немаш пари, чуму ти е идентитетот? Браво бе Костадинов, секоја ти чест, сите се продадовте!#НикогашСеверна #СекогашМакедонија

Posted by Никогаш Северна – Секогаш Македонија on Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Kostadinov today sent a message to the public as Parliament was attempting a name change vote.
He asked all of the public to be at peace and very proud! The name change is a celebration! – stated Kostadinov.
Now, lets all be honest here. Do we really deserve a country when someone like Kostadinov/Zaev/Dimitrov/Sekerinska/Spasovski are running things?

  • Tony

    Definitely fucking not!!!!
    This guy has a good face to slap to death.

  • Dobre

    Fukn money hungry dog cunts…. What are the people doing?…. . Wake the Fuk up you spineless faggots before we the proud MACEDONIANS take the government over with force… .Fuk sakes.

  • Serres Makethonia

    Protest to what? Entry to UN and EU.
    No Thanks!
    As far as the Prespa deal goes this deal is the best Makedonia will ever recieve.
    Take it and run I say.

    • V.M.

      Don’t you Turkish Vlachs have your own news portals to visit?

      • Serres Makethonia

        If it concerns Macedonia it concerns me.
        I believe all of Macedonia and the rest of the Balkans was u der Turkish rule Budala.
        Does that also make you a Turkish Slav??

        • Mech Kcbear

          & so fukn what if Macedonia was under Turkish rule, that doesn’t make Macedonia & the Macedonian people Turkish & or doesn’t make Turkish Macedonian..
          & it jus doesn’t go down like that ok. How & why should anyone have to believe in that you need to change ur name & therefore change your identity nationality aswel? How why when uve already got these.. Dam & shame on you UN & EU, you are the entities that stop this victimisation bullying intimidation. & then u get a Muppet like urself praising n encouraging this unlawfulness discrimination.

  • Goran Stavreski

    How do you become an SDS MP?
    They search every village for the craziest person, preferably a criminal or homosexual, and if your name is Tunte, Zoran, Bunte … you’re in!

  • strav

    Zaev and his chronies must be shot hanged beaten and burned and the US embassy burned down!