SDSM and DUI have wiped out all Macedonian lakes


The water is gone. It’s probably the first time in Macedonian history since independence that all lakes, natural and artificial alike, are below their biological minimum. Kalimanci was once the second largest such lake in former Yugoslavia, and now is at a quarter of its capacity.

Similar is the situation with Prespa lake, where it too has lost 2/3 of its water!

Debar Lake, now barely a river
Water levels in lakes across Macedonia are approaching the bare minimum
What used to be Mavrovo lake

MINA finds criminals tied to the DUI political party in Debar have literally sold the lake’s water to the Albanian hydro power stations who in turn earn great deal of money from selling electricity. As a result, the Debar lake has lost over 70% of its water during a (winter) period when the levels should be exceeding 100%.

Will someone be held responsible for this ecological disaster happening across Macedonia? Don’t count on it.