SDSM and DUI stuffed over 80,000 ballots during Referendum debacle


The SDSM and DUI are responsible (again) for stuffing the ballot boxes at 12 municipalities primarily in western Macedonia during the referendum fiasco in which huge majority of the citizenry boycotted the renaming of the country.

Although we have become accustomed to election fraud by SDSM and DUI, the same was once again repeated during the Referendum vote, particularly after 5pm in an effort to increase the terrible turnout.

The best and most glaring example was the municipality of Saraj which underwent massive ballot stuffing after 5:00pm.

Saraj: registered voters 31,113

Until 5:00pm – 11,120 (numbers later, much later, tweaked by SEC to 16,867)

Polls closed in Saraj: Total votes given 21,038. This means, mathematically every 11 seconds a vote was cast in Saraj after 5pm. This is physically impossible, which lead us to conclude between 6 and 8,000 votes were stuffed in ballot boxes in Saraj alone. This was a DUI operation, of course in coordination with SDSM.

Precisely the same fraud unfolded in Lipkovo, Zajas, Aracinovo, Shishevo, Chair, Centar, Bogovinje, Gostivar, Karposh and Zelino where there is a sudden illogical (illegal) 300-400% increase in votes after 5pm. While normal person would expect on a Sunday the voting to completely subdue after 5pm, not in Macedonia where in several places it simply tripled! Apparently superman flew in and out of each polling station, casting votes every 11 seconds!

At each location between 6 and 8000 ballots were stuffed.

With a minor effect there was stuffing at most locations, but not as over the top obvious as the ones mentioned above. The real Referendum turnout is between 18-22%.

The SEC now led by (allegedly) DPNE official Oliver Derkovski functions just the same as it functioned under SDSM’s Chichakovski. During elections Chichakovski would simply disappear in the most critical moments for hours (kidnapped by the US Embassy) and would return explaining that he went for a nap while the election results were just about to be announced! Similar situation occurred under Derkovski. The DPNE president of SEC said one thing during a press conference while the SEC showed different numbers which would change them repeatedly making numerous errors in the process – the percentages never matched with votes, and the votes did not match with actual results.

The Macedonian public has at this point zero trust in the SEC.

Multiple political parties have announced they will sue the SDSM & DUI for fraud (ballot stuffing) during the Referendum. Others have sued Zaev for asking business owners to bribe their employees to go out and vote. The minor challenge is Zaev’s public prosecutor appears to be on a two year vacation and is not interested in any case pending against the SDSM or Zaev.

  • Only Liberty Matters

    Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry.
    Thomas Jefferson

    • Legenda Patriot

      As I have said many times, sharpen the guillotine. There is no shortage of eligible f..ckwits and criminals that have to be eliminated like a cancer from our country.

  • Only Liberty Matters

    All the traitors in Macedonia need to be eliminated and this includes their families as well. However the problem is who has the balls in Macedonia to do it????

  • jimbo

    He said he wouldn’t change Macedonia’s name… He said he wouldn’t touch the constitution…

    LIES and more lies!