SDSM appointed judge on Camera admits Macedonia is run by Criminals


Macedonian judge Olja Ristova, quite nonchalantly and on camera admitted that the country is being run by criminals. The reason for this statement is that while she was a judge for the “Double” case in which Macedonia’s Ministry of Interior issued a whopping 215 passports to criminals from around the world, many of which were on Interpol’s most wanted list, judge Ristova says the prosecution and police worked in tandem and never prosecuted the people actually responsible for the crime.

We as judges only receive what the prosecution in collaboration with the police give us. Based on that we run the case. But I can very clearly see that in the “Double” case, many (Government) officials who ought to be prosecuted (people at the top), were simply omitted.

Ristova refers to the fact that only tellers who have no power whatsoever to actually issue a passport were prosecuted. MINAReport had reported over a year ago that the people behind the passport affair are Zoran Zaev and the current Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski who ran the operation. Between €80,000 and €150,000 euros were pocketed on every passport issued to criminals. Multiply this by 215.

Judge Ristova is cleverly alluding in her shocking video that no “boss” has been prosecuted for the crime, only people who had no power to make any decision, let alone issue passports to criminals wanted by Interpol who entered Macedonia illegally with assistance from the MoI.

Judge Ristova says the “Double” case needs to be revisited and re-tried. The Government, or local media has made no comments whatsoever about the Judge’s statement.