SDSM bots jump in defense of Filipce: “If he goes, we all go”


SDSM has launched a campaign on social media and instant messaging apps in defense of Venko Filipce, Macedonia’s criminal health minister, after he submitted his resignation on Friday following the tragic Tetovo covid hospital fire.

SDSM’s Viber app has been on fire in the past two days. In a group named SDSM UDBA, the organizational secretary of the party Martin Popov organizes the party instructions for the health institutions, mayors, presidents of branches to stand in defense of Zaev’s close partner in crime, Venko Filipce.

Our support is needed right now for the party’s vice president. You know what he has done for all of us here. Let’s spread positive things about him en masse. We must not lose a man like him now, just before the elections, it is about Filipce, writes Popov in the party instructions.

SDSM launches campaign in defense of Venko Filipce